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The mouth is the mirror that reflects the health of your body. According to Dr. Mulandi of Eastern Slope Dental, a routine dental examination helps in early diagnosis of certain diseases that during their early stages manifest their clinical signs through the mouth like anemia, diabetes and Sjögren’s syndrome.

The Center of Connection

The limited scientific research conducted so far suggest that the bacteria and the inflammation associated with gum diseases play a significant role in triggering off some of the systemic conditions. A compromised immune system or poor oral hygiene may result in oral bacteria finding its way into the bloodstream and consequently cause infection of other body organs. Furthermore, your dentist sees signs of habits like brushing and flossing frequency, thumb sucking, nail biting, and more through a simple examination of the mouth. Serious diseases like diabetes, pregnancy, excessive alcohol consumption, eating disorders, and oral cancer also produce telltale signs in the mouth, allowing your dentist to detect those conditions in a timely manner.

Compelling Case for Acceptable Oral Practice

The association between oral health and some systemic condition makes a perfect case why you ought to brush and floss habitually. You will not only be saving your teeth and gums but also making a future investment in your overall health.

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