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Opioid abuse is a problem that has continued to escalate year after year. 2016 saw more opioid-related deaths than any other year. The American Dental Association (ADA) is concerned about these numbers because opioids are often used to treat dental pain. In an effort to stamp out senseless deaths, the ADA has made education and prevention a top priority. Dr. Allan Mulandi of Eastern Slope Dental and your entire Conway dental team is committed to educating and supporting patients in the face of this epidemic. The entire team continues to work towards providing you the best care through exploring solutions to this growing problem.

Education and Solutions

The ADA has offered free online training for dental professionals for the past six years. This training has offered solutions for helping patients who may be at risk for a dependence abuse problem. To augment this, the ADA is offering an upcoming webinar on April 25th, 2018,  which will cover how dentists can effectively use Drug Enforcement Administration authorization to lessen the need for “just in case” medicine for dental pain. Furthermore, the CDC recently updated a statement encouraging dental professionals to follow the guidelines for prescribing opioids to treat dental pain.

Collectively, the ADA and the CDC, as well as a wide variety of other organizations, have worked to heighten awareness and education when it comes to opioid abuse. Your Conway, NH dentist is concerned about this issue and is working towards practical, compassionate solutions to this growing problem to better serve you.

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