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Your regular doctor always tells you that drinking plenty of water is important for your overall health. But you will also receive the same advice from the Conway dental team at Eastern Slope Dental. Dr. Allan Mulandi will be glad to tell you why you should be drinking more water and how it is connected to better oral health. Here are a few of the ways drinking water is good for your dental health.

Fluoridated Water and Dental Health

First of all, it strengthens your teeth and keeps your mouth clean. Most drinking water in the United States is treated with fluoride, which has been used in dental hygiene products for years. Fluoride helps to keep teeth strong. Additionally, studies have indicated those who live in communities with water treated with fluoride have fewer cavities than those who drink water without fluoride.

Other Ways Water Benefits Oral Health

Secondly, drinking water also helps to wash away food particles, sugar, and other things that contribute to tooth decay. Of course, drinking water is also calorie-free, which cannot be said about soft drinks and fruit juice. You receive all the hydration that you need without any unwanted calories. Drinking soft drinks and other sugary drinks can contribute to tooth decay as bacteria feeds on sugar. When bacteria have the right environment, it can grow and lead to cavities. Drinking water helps remove sugar and debris bacteria needs to grow. This can help protect your teeth from developing cavities.

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Finally, if you’re not sure you’re drinking enough water, you can always speak to Dr. Allan Mulandi and Dr. Willaims at Eastern Slope Dental. They will be happy to answer your questions and let you know how much more water you should be drinking to maintain your dental health.

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