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Dental onlays are a restorative dentistry treatment that repairs teeth that have been damaged in specific ways. They are often considered cosmetic because they rejuvenate and refresh your smile too. But onlays can also help protect and preserve your teeth. While a dental crown is like a cap that is used to cover the entire tooth, a dental inlay is more like a partial crown and covers part of a tooth. Here are five ways onlays help preserve teeth.

Dental Onlays can Extend the Life of a Tooth

Onlays are made from durable materials like composite resin and porcelain. They are used to replace a decayed or damaged portion of a tooth. The combination of porcelain and resin is strong and will last a long time. The substance is white and looks more like the tooth’s surface, so it is aesthetic as well. It can protect the tooth so that it continues to last.

Effective Solutions for Damaged Teeth

When a tooth becomes damaged, it can need to be extracted. Cavities and other types of damage can be repaired with dental onlays. Since they are created from extremely durable materials, they may last a lifetime. Just be sure to continue routine exams and cleanings, and practice good dental hygiene.

Saves Teeth from Filling Replacement

An onlay can be an alternative to crowns as well as to fillings. The trouble with fillings is that they expand and contract. Over time, they shrink and leave space where debris and food can gather and cause more decay or damage to a tooth. They can be replaced, but of course, that’s another trip to the dentist in Conway, NH. It can also result in another dental bill. Fillings can also produce pain in some instances. Dental onlays are made from materials that do not expand. They won’t fall off or cause more damage because of expansions or contractions.

Save More of the Tooth

Onlays and inlays are considered more conservative treatment options than fillings. This means that more of the natural tooth can be saved. This is better for your tooth as well as your overall oral health. Large fillings often require the removal of a larger part of a tooth. Just the damaged portion of the tooth needs to be removed for a dental onlay. Keeping the larger portion of a tooth is beneficial.

Dental Onlays Strengthen a Tooth

Porcelain, the material inlays and onlays are made from, is extremely durable. This reinforces and strengthens the tooth. A stronger tooth will provide more functionality. Onlays are made from an impression of the tooth so it will replicate the exact structure of the tooth giving it more strength. Since the onlay is cemented to the tooth, it forms a solid seal to keep out bacteria, debris, food particles, or anything else that might threaten the integrity of the tooth. This provides an extra layer of protection to ensure the tooth remains strong.

 Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Onlays?

These are just five of the ways dental onlays can help protect, strengthen, and preserve your teeth. Talk to Dr. Mulandi about onlays to see if you are a good candidate for the restorative dental treatment. After a thorough exam, he can discuss if onlays are your best treatment option, or if there is another restorative or cosmetic treatment that would be the best option for your specific situation.

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