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In much the same way that vaginal yeast infections can occur for women, oral yeast infections happen as well, say Dr. Allan Mulandi. When the normal level of yeast in your mouth gets out of whack, it can cause the yeast to multiply and lead to the development of an infection known as oral thrush.

What is oral thrush?

Oral thrush is an infection which occurs either at the back of your mouth or on the roof of your mouth and is often accompanied by difficulty swallowing or an uncomfortable ‘woolly’ feeling. As your Conway, NH dentist can tell you, it occurs most commonly in patients whose immune systems are suppressed for some reason like what occurs with AIDS or treatment with chemotherapy. Some medications can also interfere with the microbial flora of your mouth, like with inhaled medicine for asthma. Your Eastern Slope dental team recommends that people with asthma rinse their mouths out thoroughly after using inhalers because this treatment can interfere with the normal balance of yeast in the mouth and lead to oral thrush.

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