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dental examYou might not think you can miss something like a cracked tooth, but it’s a problem that is surprisingly easy to overlook. Many cracks that form in teeth are too small to be seen by the naked eye, and some hairline cracks might not even show up on an x-ray. Nevertheless, a cracked tooth can become a serious problem if it isn’t fixed, so you will want to make an appointment with your Conway, NH dentist as soon as possible if you suspect that you have a cracked tooth.

Most Common Causes

A cracked or damaged tooth can occur due to a number of things. If you clench your jaws while you sleep, or when you are stressed out, your teeth may be more susceptible to damage. Trauma to the head or mouth commonly causes damages to the teeth. But it can also occur with something simple like biting into something hard like a piece of candy or ice.

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

The most obvious sign of a crack in your tooth is localized pain that flares when you bite down on something or when your teeth are exposed to hot or cold temperatures. You might notice this pain shortly after you’ve bitten down on something hard such as a piece of candy or an ice cube, or you might feel pain after your mouth has suffered some trauma.

How a Cracked Tooth can Be Repaired

Fortunately, a cracked tooth can be repaired. The dentist may use a number of treatment options depending on its severity. Repair options include bonding, a crown, or a root canal. Your dentist can decide what is best for you, but only if you act quickly to fix the problem.

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