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Missing teeth are no fun. It can be embarrassing to smile, harder to eat and even speak clearly. That’s why the Conway dental team recommends dental implants to patients who have lost teeth or have severely decayed or damaged teeth.

Your Conway, NH dentist explains that a dental implant can be a permanent solution, physically embedded into your jaw. It can act and look just like a real tooth and matches the appearance of the rest of your teeth.

A Major Improvement over Dentures

Implants are a dental advance that is light years ahead of dentures, according to Dr. Allan Mulandi. Basically, you are getting a new tooth. The team at Eastern Slope Dental, with years of experience in dental implants, points how several ways this treatment can improve your life:

  • More confidence because you no longer have a gap in your smile. You’ll be able to flash your pearly whites with no worries.
  • Improved oral health because decayed, damaged teeth have been replaced. No more worries about cavities and decay for that tooth!
  • Better support for your jaw and facial structure. Your bone will grow and secure the titanium post, bolstering the strength and health of your jaw.
  • Easier chewing because you have a mouthful of teeth, and greater clarity speaking because you don’t have gaps. Getting your gaps filled will allow you to get back to a way of moving your mouth that comes much more naturally to you.
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