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Although many people know about obesity and consider it an epidemic, very few know that a link exists between obesity and oral health. Dr. Allan Mulandi says that it is important to make some lifestyle changes since there are clear signs of periodontal disease in people with high BMI. There are a few aspects of the study that cloud the results. For instance, factors like gender, age, and smoking history were not taken into account during the study.

The importance of diet

Studies found that people in the obese group tend to consume a high glycemic diet. The high levels of sugar and fat they consume can contribute to periodontal disease. Those who eat empty calories are less likely to consume foods with micronutrients that minimize the likelihood of gum disease and cavities. With research revealing that such a diet promotes the formation of certain oral bacteria, Eastern Slope Dental encourages patients to adopt lifestyle changes in order to tackle both obesity and the bacteria that leads to periodontal disease and cavities.

Obesity and oral hygiene

The connection between obesity and oral hygiene can start at an early age. There are reports that demonstrate the link between obesity and a high number of caries. However, since other studies did not establish this link, the Conway dental team recommends learning more about the topic. Patients struggling with weight and dental hygiene should visit a Conway, NH dentist for professional care and advice. 

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