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Have you spotted a possible cavity in one of your teeth? Are your gums sore? Sometimes the temptation is to wait until it starts to bother you more before scheduling an appointment with your Mount Washington Valley, NH dentist. Delaying dental care can end with some serious consequences. Here are a few of the reasons it’s best to not delay your dental care.

Dental Issues Won’t Get Better on Their Own

There are a few health issues that can get better on their own, but dental issues do not just go away. They do usually get worse as more time goes by. Unfortunately, gum disease, infections, and cavities become more severe. Avoiding dental care just gives the problem more time to become more aggressive. Without removing bacteria, administering medication, or adding a filling, the condition is only going to get worse.

Even relying on homeopathic remedies or DIY therapies, will just allow more time for the infection or cavity to get worse. Ideally, your Mount Washington Valley dental team likes to use minimally invasive treatments when possible. We also focus on preventative therapies. As dental professionals, we would like for a condition to be halted or reversed instead of having to resort to more invasive or aggressive treatments. The best option is to schedule an appointment at the first sign of symptoms. However, sometimes there are not any symptoms, not even pain.

No Pain Doesn’t Mean No Problem

Pain is the way your body gets your attention. It often signals trouble like a cavity, gum disease, or an abscess. Toothaches are not on anyone’s “favorite” list. But just because you are not experiencing pain, it doesn’t mean a problem does not exist. In severe cases of tooth decay or a dental abscess, the affected nerves may become deadened which will lead to the lack of pain. If you notice something like a cavity or swelling don’t delay dental care just because no pain is present. There are times when there are no symptoms present to alert you to a problem. This is why routine exams at Eastern Slope Dental are important. Many times, a dental professional can detect a problem before you have any signs. Delaying dental care puts you at a higher risk of needing more invasive types of treatment.

Delayed Dental Treatment Can Cost You More Money

As dental problems progress, treatment options change. For example, a small cavity discovered at your checkup can be repaired with a filling, so it doesn’t spread. If you choose to delay treatment or wait until it causes you pain or problems, you may find out it cannot be fixed with just a filling. It may spread to the nerve, create an abscess, and affect adjacent teeth that were cavity-free at your last exam. A filling will no longer be enough. You may need a root canal, a crown and perhaps a filling on the other teeth that have become to succumb to decay. With more intensive treatments usually comes higher costs, even if you have insurance. Your co-pays could easily be double what they would have been when looking at having a single tooth filled. Timely dental treatment helps save your teeth, your time, and your money.

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