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Given two options, to treat or prevent, we would hope you’d choose prevention rather than treatment. That’s why your Conway dental team wants to reassure you about fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluoride a naturally occurring mineral that is used in toothpaste to not only prevent dental cavities but also potentially reverses the early stages of cavity development through a remineralization process. While regular brushing — with or without toothpaste — gets rid of plaque on its own, your Eastern Slope Dental practice advises you to brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste for strong teeth.

Quantity matters

Fluoride occurs naturally in the soil, bodies of water and living organisms. Because the element has been found to reduce chances of tooth decay, it’s something we find in almost undetectable amounts in our water as well as through most commercial toothpaste.

Fluoride is delivered via two routes into your body. Topical fluoride is directly applied on the tooth enamel surface while systemic fluoride is in what we eat and drink. Topical fluoride examples include toothpaste while fluoridated water is an example of systemic fluoride. According to your Conway dental team, fluoride in these amounts helps to replace lost minerals in our teeth as they age, as well as make strong teeth.

Dr. Allan Mulandi, your Conway, NH dentist, cautions against exceeding the recommended dosage of fluoride due to the risk of developing fluorosis. If you are concerned about your fluoride intake, Dr. Mulandi is here for you to make sure you’re receiving the amount that’s right for you. Call our caring and competent team today for a consultation.

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