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Teeth Whitening

The Many Advantages of at Home Teeth Whitening

You have a few options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Many of our patients love the customized whitening trays they receive at our office as their ideal solution to yellow or brown, stained teeth. With these trays, you can whiten your teeth at home on your own time; no need to sit in the dentist’s chair for long periods.

You may have seen over-the-counter kits at the convenience store, but these don’t work nearly as well, and generally take longer to see results. We encourage you to talk to our Team about getting take-home whitening trays that you can use for years to come; giving yourself treatments when you want to. Most patients say they have seen noticeable improvement in their teeth right away.

Teeth Whitening

There are several advantages to whitening your teeth at home. First off, at-home products tend to be less costly than office visits. Second, you can fit teeth whitening into your own schedule without having to visit the dentist’s office every time you want a treatment. Third, these regular treatments may work even better than sporadic office visit whitenings. And last, at-home whitening trays are lightweight and easy to place in luggage so you can take them with you on a business trip, family vacation or a weekend getaway. You can even apply them while at work on your lunch break!

Teeth whitening trays are effective at erasing years of harm caused by drinking coffee and wine, as well as smoking. Even some medicines and illnesses can cause discoloration of the teeth.

Treat yourself to teeth whitening — you deserve it! It’s time you felt confident about your smile again. Free from the embarrassment caused by stained teeth, at-home whitening can make you want to smile more. What could be better?

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