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All About Veneers

VeneersPeople with stained, cracked, or crooked teeth often make it a habit to hide their smile. Even gaps in teeth and minor cosmetic dental issues can make one hesitant to smile.

Thanks to porcelain veneers, millions of people are again smiling with confidence.

Veneers are relatively easy to apply, and are a cost effective way to correct many dental problems. It takes just a couple of office visits to achieve your new beautiful smile.

How To Receive Veneers

First, Dr. Mulandi will do digital scanning using ‘state of the art German technology 3 Shape Trios Scanner’. He will also take an x-ray of your teeth to ensure there are no additional problems. Our skilled technicians create your custom porcelain veneer and you will be invited to visit our office for a final fitting.

Dr. Mulandi then attaches the veneer to the front of the tooth with cement. This is cured via a light that quickens the hardening process. You will be amazed at how closely it resembles the natural look of your tooth. That’s because the color is matched perfectly in the lab.

Daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to our office will ensure your porcelain veneer will last for many years.

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers

Have you been thinking about having this procedure done but still have questions? Call our office any time, or book your free consultation. Our Team is happy to go over the process, as well as other cosmetic dentistry options with you.

Isn’t it time to show off a beautiful, healthy smile? We can make it happen!

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