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Root Canals

Root canal therapy (RCT) suffers from an image crisis.  RCT is often associated with pain and suffering.  Fortunately, the opposite is true – performed by a professional, it actually alleviates discomfort.

The joke should really be:

“I need that like I need NOT getting a root canal!”

RCT is often necessary to preserve a tooth that has suffered a deep cavity, or that has experienced a bad infection. The whole process is actually so relaxing that many patients simply fall asleep or nod off during RCT.

Most RCT is performed right in our office. There’s not much noise generated as part of the procedure, either. The best part is, you will find immediate relief from the pain you have been experiencing once therapy is complete.

RCT Basics

Couple- RCTA tooth’s nerve sits in the center of the tooth root, also referred to as the pulp. This is generally protected by the structure of the tooth, but sometimes the nerve can be compromised. This occurs as a result of trauma, cavity, fracture or other injury. These instances can cause the nerve to become inflamed and infected. In an effort to save the structure of the tooth, and prevent future discomfort, Dr. Mulandi first cleans out the dead pulp and replace it with a special disinfecting filling material.

After the procedure is complete, the patient feels immediate relief. No more pain when eating hot and cold foods, no more throbbing, no more sensitivity.

To prevent further damage to the tooth following RCT, a crown is usually placed on top off the treated tooth.  This is often the case when a tooth has experienced a very large cavity or filling. Dr. Mulandi will sit down with you and discuss your options going forward.

We invite you to make an appointment today to learn about the details of root canal therapy and its promise to restore you and your mouth to full comfort and function. Delay may only make the situation worse, so call right away!

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