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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners using a custom fitted appliance to position your teeth where they need to be. You quickly and easily remove them when you want to eat or brush, and simply switch them out every two weeks or so. Fitting securely over your teeth, they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces, which may poke out and stick the inside of your cheek.

InvisalignBecause you won’t experience the discomfort and embarrassment that come with metal wires and brackets, Invisalign is the preferred choice for many older teens and adults.

What to Expect

The process begins with an impression of your teeth, which is used to create your very own customizable Invisalign series by a special dental laboratory. A set of x-rays is taken to ensure that your teeth are healthy prior to straightening them. Dr. Mulandi then goes over your treatment plan and schedule for switching out one aligner for the next as appropriate.

Wear your aligners at all times except when eating, drinking and caring for your teeth. Every time you move to a new tray in the series, you will notice slightly more pressure until your teeth have moved into their desired position. You will visit us every six weeks or so for monitoring. The typical term of treatment ranges from nine to fifteen months, which is considerably less time than with traditional metal braces.


Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is ideal for many patients, thanks to clear trays that aren’t noticeable to others. Another nice plus is that, because you can simply take out the Invisalign tray when eating, you don’t have to avoid sticky or hard foods as you do with metal braces. This, in turn makes it easier to brush and floss afterwards, meaning better oral hygiene during the entire adjustment process. A simple rinsing of your Invisalign tray is all that is needed.

Perhaps best of all, unlike metal braces, you need not come in for frequent adjustments that sometimes result in pain and discomfort.

Choose Only a Certified Invisalign Provider

If you are looking for straighter, more attractive teeth, but do not want to don traditional metal braces, your best bet is to try Invisalign. Call or visit us for more on this life transforming treatment!


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