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Perhaps you have a filling or two. If you are an adult, and you got them as a child, chances are they are metallic in color. Today’s fillings are usually tooth-colored and are referred to as composite fillings. Many people prefer this option over traditional metal fillings. Why? First off, the tooth-colored fillings look better and more closely resemble the natural shade of surrounding teeth.


When Dr. Mulandi uses composite filling material for your tooth, you will hardly know it’s there, and neither will other people. That’s because we go to great lengths to match the filling material shade with your natural tooth as well as possible.

Another advantage of tooth-colored fillings is they come with a lower risk of infection than with mercury fillings. It is also possible for pieces of metal fillings to break off, be swallowed, and even enter the bloodstream via saliva. This is rare, but the risk is there. You won’t have that risk with composite fillings.

What to Expect

You can get a composite filling in just one visit to our Conway practice. Dr. Mulandi will remove the decay, then he will thoroughly clean out the tooth. Any discomfort can be mitigated through the application of a special medication. Lastly, we use a special instrument to gently administer the composite filling material. After a few minutes, the composite resin is dry, and you are free to go and resume regular activity.

It’s that simple!

If you believe you need a filling, please do not delay a visit to our office. The decay will only increase, possibly requiring more extensive care such as a tooth extraction.

It’s simple to fill a cavity with composite material, and is a great way to preserve your smile, maintain good oral health, and give you peace of mind so…

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