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Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Mulandi understands that patients suffer from dental anxiety for a variety of reasons. Whether you had a bad dental experience in the past, or have another reason to fear dental work, sedation can allow you to get the dental services you need.

At Eastern Slope Dental, we offer patients the options of intravenous sedation or breathing in nitrous oxide through a mask. You probably know the latter as laughing gas. Our staff considers your unique needs before recommending any treatment course.


With both types of sedation, you will enter a deep and dreamlike sleep state. If you choose to use IV sedation, your Conway dental team will continually monitor you, and the sedative will continue to keep inflammation, nausea, and pain away for up to four hours after your appointment. You will not remember the appointment once the medication wears off.

You’re free to go home approximately 30 to 60 minutes after you wake up from your dental procedure, but you will need to have another adult drive you home. Your nurse anesthetist will provide you with complete discharge instructions. Typically, this includes not making any important decisions, signing legal papers, operating machinery, or using sharp objects for approximately 24 hours, because the sedation medication may temporarily impair your judgment. Your nurse anesthetist will call later that day or the next day to see how you’re doing.

Sedation for Children and Patients with Special Needs

For pediatric patients, we provide medications based on body weight. We encourage parents to remain in the room with their child to help him or her stay calm and feel safe. Within five minutes of receiving the injection, your child will become drowsy enough for us to start the dental procedure.

Children or special needs patients who feel too fearful to receive an injection can breathe in nitrous oxide through a mask instead. The same discharge procedures apply, and we will check in later in the day to see how our young patient is doing.

Don’t let dental fears or past experiences get in the way of your oral health! Call today, and the Eastern Slope Dental team will go over your options for sedation dentistry and schedule your appointment.

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