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With age comes wisdom as well as reduced bone mass, but Dr. Allan Mulandi wants you to know that your intake of calcium and vitamin D is a predictor of bone health. Calcium and vitamin D have been documented by previous scientific studies to reduce bone loss, something that’s important for tooth retention as you age. These supplement among the elderly population not only reduces the risk of bone fractures but also strengthens the jaw bone that anchors teeth.

Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D

Though calcium is readily available in the diet, the daily recommended intake by the elderly is rarely achieved. Dairy products, fish, vegetables, and fruits are some of the well-documented sources of calcium. Taking vitamin D with your calcium also helps you absorb the nutrients better. Your Conway, NH dentist knows that scarcity of the aforementioned calcium sources or intolerance to these classes of foods means that calcium and vitamin D supplements may be for you.

Two Is Better Than One

The dietary supplement of calcium and vitamin D shouldn’t substitute good oral hygiene practices. Eastern Slope Dental team advice their elderly patients to regularly brush and floss their teeth with periodic dentist visit to minimize teeth loss. Many medications you take as an elder dry out the mouth, which can contribute to cavities due to the lack of saliva to wash away plaque.

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