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Teething can tough on you and your infant as all of their baby teeth come in. According to Dr. Tim Brooks, your child gets their first tooth at about 6 months, and all 20 teeth by 30 months. Knowing what to expect can help you deal with the many issues associated with teething, as well as parse out what may be coming from other causes. It turns out that several symptoms usually considered a part of the process can most of the time be due to other causes.

5 Symptoms Related to Teething, 5 That Aren’t

Our Oklahoma City dental team lists these 5 symptoms of teething: drooling, a face rash, the need to chew on things, fussiness, and mild gum pain.

But what about runny nose or a fever? And no appetite, coughing, trouble sleeping and non-stop crying? According to your OKC dentist, all of these symptoms likely have other causes, most likely the result of:

  • changes to the baby’s immune system as they get older
  • exposure to more germs because they are interacting with more people and a wider environment
  • stress to their system

So, why do they co-occur? Turns out teething may play an indirect link as the gums open for the first time and give new avenue for germs to come in. However, if symptoms of illness last for more than a day, you may want to have your child have a check-up. If you have any questions about teething and taking care of your baby’s first teeth, be sure to contact Dr. Brooks and team for peace of mind!

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