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Have you ever noticed the roof of the mouth as it begins to swell? Maybe you didn’t even realize it had become swollen. It’s actually a common thing for many people. Here are some of the most common causes and when you need to seek professional help for it.

What causes the roof of the mouth to swell?

Sometimes ingesting very hot food or beverages will cause the roof of the mouth to become swollen. Even if something you are eating isn’t too hot, it’s possible for a piece of hard food to scratch or cause injury to the tender area. Your Conway dental team suggests dehydration as another possible cause of swelling at the roof of the mouth. This is especially possible when you have undergone excessive sweating or overindulged in alcohol consumption. Canker sores or cold sores can also cause swelling. In very rare cases there may be an underlying medical condition which triggers the swelling.

When should you seek the help of a dental professional?

Your Eastern Slope Dental team recommends that you allow a week’s time for the situation to clear itself up naturally. Most of the time this is what happens. There are situations though, which may call for medical attention from Dr. Allan Mulandi. When the pain persists even after taking pain medication, this is cause for more concern. This usually occurs along with other accompanying symptoms. If the pain or discomfort cannot be controlled with common over the counter medications you need to see a dental professional. Also, if the swelling has not subsided within one full week, then it’s best that you see your Conway, NH dentist to seek professional treatment.

If you are concerned about swelling in the roof of your mouth, please don’t hesitate to call us to schedule a checkup.

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