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Oral Health in Conway

Good oral health include choosing carefully what you put in your mouth. For instance, sugar is a main cause of tooth decay, and most foods contain some type of sugar, even vegetables. The longer food is in your mouth, the more damage sugar can do, because plaque thrives on sugar.

Plaque is a sticky film-like bacteria which uses food sugar to create acid. That acid destroys tooth enamel, and eventually causes tooth decay and cavities. Plaque also causes red, sensitive, irritated, and bleeding gums, which may result in gum disease and tooth loss.

Choosing Food Wisely

Just because a food contains sugar does not avoiding it is the best option. Many foods with sugar have important nutrients the body needs. The best option to control sugar intake is to choose items with lower amounts of added sugar. For those items with higher amounts, such as refined foods, sugary snacks and soft drinks, consume them in moderation.

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